Dress Code

Los Gatos High School’s standard of respect is one which students are expected to adhere to while attending classes and participating in extra-curricular activities. At all times, students’ dress and grooming must be respectful, in other words, appropriate for the classroom and for any activity in which they participate.

Styles of dress or grooming that present a health or safety hazard to the student or other students or are disruptive to the educational process are not allowed. In particular, clothing that, in any manner, displays profanity, alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs, will not be permitted.  Overt gang clothing is not allowed.  FOOTWEAR IS REQUIRED AT ALL TIMES while a student is on campus or attending school-sponsored activities.  Specifically,

Clothes that depict alcohol, tobacco, or other drugs may not be worn at any time.

Clothes that promote hate are not to be worn at any time.

Shirts that expose the entire back may not be worn.

Strapless tops may not be worn.

Shirts/Blouses that expose an inappropriate amount of the chest or midriff are not permitted. (Modest exposure is permissible.)

Underwear is not to be visible.

The buttocks may not be exposed at any time.

No transparent clothing.