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1. Smarter Balanced Field Test Video
2. Smarter Balanced Practice Test
3. Student BYOD Survey
4. Student Digital Citizen Survey
5. Student Technology Survey

Student Accounts
Your new username is the part of your email address BEFORE  
For example: Diana Prince Student ID 123456  has the wifi user name of prid3456

Your new password is your birthday mmddyyyy

Drop by Tech Services if your device won't connect to our LGHS-WiFi network.

Aeries passwords can be obtained by bringing the completed Parent or Student Aeries Access Form to the Attendance Office along with a photo ID.
If you already have an Aeries account, you do not need to re-register. Your password can be reset by clicking the "forgot your password" button on the Aeries homepage.
Students can upload their homework through Aeries if their teacher has enabled the “Drop Box” feature for that assignment. Follow the Drop Box Instructions to upload an assignment.

Initial access and passwords are assigned to freshmen when you meet with your counselors. Counselors can also reset your password.

Best Practices
  • Store in the cloud. Services like Google Drive are far better than a USB key
  • If no access to cloud storage, then get a USB key (8GB or better) for your data
  • Never allow a browser to save or store your password to email, Aeries, etc.
  • Do a practice run before presenting electronic material in class
  • Save and backup your documents often
  • Log out of your email, Aeries, Naviance, and other accounts when finished
  • Check if our content filter allows your site before presenting it in class
  • Be version aware...If you use ClarisWorks at home your files may not work with our iWork 11
  • Take care of our computer equipment and peripherals, they have to last 7+ years

Tech TAs
When you sign up with us you will be working with a group that:
  • Has boundless energy derived from the desire to succeed at all levels, both professionally and personally;
  • Takes ownership, responsibility, and pride for those systems we put in place and maintain;
  • Has the ability to simultaneously manage a wide-range of projects with multiple due-dates, timelines, issues, etc., without losing sight of the original mission;
  • Is made up of avid tinkerers, we build environments, put them under stress, monitor outcomes, and tune for success. We practice installations, migrations, and upgrades before going live;
  • Has the tenacity to see a project through completion and to overcome unforeseen challenges;
  • Maintains a constant awareness to spot opportunities that will accelerate a project or reduce the overall cost to complete;
  • Focuses on the end-user. Systems that don't perform or are poorly designed typically go unused;
  • Does not put systems in place to fight a particular fire or as a knee-jerk reaction to a new technology. But rather, takes a holistic approach to building and maintaining an engaging environment;
  • Makes complete use of all systems as they go through their life-cyle, reusing components whenever and wherever possible;
  • Is sensitive to funding and budget restraints, we constantly shop for best price and biggest ROI;
  • Has strong ties to the local IT community for planning, collaboration, and sharing best practices.

Tech Interns
"I would love to tell you what we do, but then, I'd have to hire you!" -- Mr. G
If you are smart, hard working, and want to help run a large-scale campus data environment, then this is the gig for you. This is a superior learning opportunity for those of you who are interested in moving into a career as an IT professional.
As a long-term TA you may qualify as a Tech Intern where you will learn everything, soup-to-nuts (this is Silicon Valley after all). Eventually, you will learn to assess user needs, spec equipment, buy, build, configure, deploy, train, maintain, and eventually dispose of tired and fully depreciated assets. You will learn to motivate yourself and others as you move our campus along the technology frontier - into the future. Yes, you can do IT!
Hands down, you will not get a better training environment...and best of all its Free!
Just be a student in good standing, GPA 3.0 or better, trustworthy, competent and capable.
Only serious inquiries, please.
Mr. Gallegos