Steering Committee

We are looking forward to working with you and making Grad Night 2020 a super fun and memorable evening for our graduates!
Get Involved!  Reach out to a committee chair and see how you can help! Contacts below.

Logistics: Timeline, Communication, Agenda
Co-chair Brenda Carlozzo 408-315-3531
Co-chair Kim Schenkel 408-500-5036
Administration Sub-Chair Mary Engelbrecht 408-218-6636
Communications: Send out newsletters, maintain website.
Co-Chair Jen Colson 408-489-9994 Yes
Co-Chair Kris Kamali 408-656-4208
Co-Chair Julie Opatovsky 408-348-3823
Treasurer: Ticket monies. Scholarships. Reimbursments. Purchase orders.
Chair Alex Potts 408-930-5094 Yes
Admissions Chair: Ticket forms. Permission Forms. Scholarships. T-shirts for Grads. T-Shirts/ aprons for volunteers. Goodie Bags/Kiss a Senior/instructions
Co-chair Regina Barhydt
JotForm Co-chair Bridget Clark 707-338-3518
Check In & Check Out Shift 1 Sub-chair
Check In & Check Out Shift 2 Sub-chair
Check In & Check Out Shift 3 Sub-chair
Memories: works with facilities to set up stands and wall hangings, recruits volunteers to work tours during work week.
Chair Kathy King Yes
Photo Wall Sub-chair
Memory Board Sub-chair
Food & Hospitality: Hospitality work week: lunch, dinner, snacks for volunteers, arrange pick up and service. Beverages: coffee carts, water.
Co-chair Jen Chiala 408-640-4042
Co-chair Sue Testa 408-420-5113
Decorations Sub-chair
Buffet/Healthy Bites Sub-chair
Snacks & Desserts Sub-chair
Water/Beverages Sub-chair
Breakfast Sub-chair
Parent Food (Work Week & Night of Event) Sub-chair
Inside Activities/Decorations: Coordinate all logistics and operations for activities taking place in the large gym, small gym & dance room including order equipment & supplies Activities include casino, lounge, indoor stage,
Outside Activities: Large games, Arcade including rock wall); Tattoo; Massage; Fortune Teller; Fire Pit; Closing Ceremonies.
Decorations: co-ordinates decorations for all outdoor booths, large gym, spa and food areas and closing ceremony.
Outside Activities: Large games, Arcade including rock wall); Tattoo; Massage; Fortune Teller; Fire Pit; Closing Ceremonies.
Co-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Co-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Co-chair Kelly Duvall 408-410-0086
Co-chair Sarah Reynolds 408-858-7087
Grad Check In / Bathrooms Sub-chair Kelly Duvall 408-410-0086
Fusion Tube Sub-chair Kelly Duvall 408-410-0086
Fairly Dads Sub-chair Kelly Duvall 408-410-0086
Drummers/Dancers/Firepit Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Rock Climbing Sub-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Infuse TeePee Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Glow Games Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Glow Games Sub-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Graffiti Wall/Break Dancers Sub-chair Sarah Reynolds 408-858-7087
Fusion Lounge Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Cosmic Yoga Sub-chair Sarah Reynolds 408-858-7087
Eclectic Country Sub-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Bubble Wrestling Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Selfie Lands Sub-chair Sarah Reynolds 408-858-7087
Cirque dueCasino Sub-chair Sarah Reynolds 408-858-7087
Twisted Disco Sub-chair Tanja Lippert 408-348-4938
Hypnotist Sub-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Closing Ceremony / Outdoor Stage Sub-chair Deborah Ross 408-206-9034
Construction Sub-chair
Volunteer Coordinator: Work Week, Facilities, Decorations supplement volunteers if needed Grad Night: Staff booths, carnival areas, casino, photo booth, spa, museum. Check in tables for Grad Night: name tags, directions for volunteers. Handle student check out at Grad Night. First Aid.
Co-Chair Stefanie Nelson 408-656-0751
Co-Chair Mindy Wellington 408-298-2611
SignUp Genious Sub-Chair Bridget Clark 707-338-3518
Administration Sub-Chair Mary Engelbrecht 408-218-6636
Facilities: Coordinates: Event layout/map; Set-up; Large gym: ceiling, walls Small Gym Museum; Spa; Outdoor: lights, construction, power, electrical; Lighting & Outdoor stages; Equipment Rental items
Co-chair Jen Lenz 408-603-3614
Co-chair Larry Lenz 408-592-0583
Electrical (power distribution) Coordinator Sub-chair
Large Gym Supervisor Sub-chair
Outdoor (Stages & Lighting) Sub-chair
Equipment Rental Items Sub-chair
Fire, First Aid, & Safety:
Chair Rob Young 831-239-5732
Fire & Safety Supervisor Sub-chair Rob Young 831-239-5732
First Aid Supervisor Sub-chair
Security Supervisor Sub-chair
Sophomore Parent/Community Walk Through: Recruit volunteers to work tours Grad day afternoon
Recruitment Co-chair
Scheduling Co-chair
Junior Parent Liaison/Clean-up: Recruit volunteers to captain each area. Recruit volunteers to work
2021 Chair Chair
Recruitment/Scheduling Co-chair
Recruitment/Scheduling Co-chair
Bin Contents Co-chair

For more information or to express interest in volunteering, please send us an email.