Equity Resources

Equity Resources
Posted on 10/06/2020

Los Gatos High School remains committed to ongoing work toward eradicating systemic racism, sexism, bullying, and other forms of oppression that discriminate against minoritized groups.

Below is a list of recent actions and resources:

Anti-racism, anti-sexism, and anti-bullying video
with Assistant Principal Alex Chapman from LGHS and Assistant Principal Kerry Mohnike from SHS.

District Webinar on 6/12/20 - “Empowering Students to Recognize, Interrupt, and Repair Injustice”:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bOEeVHJUC1g

Message from the LGSUHSD Superintendent on 6/8/20:  Message from the Superintendent

Video Message from the LGHS Principal on 6/1/20: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lQVVK5sJ8Jc

Anti-Racism and Equity Training for Each Grade Level, 2020-21:

Anti-Racism and Equity Education - LGHS in partnership with Epoch Education 2020-21

"Identity, Education, and Power" column by leadership Coach Sherry Spelic

"Say No to Boys will be Boys" by Colleen Clemens; Teaching Tolerance

LGHS Pledge