Visit the UP website: lghsup.com

UP's (Unconditionally Positive) mission is to inspire students to create their own journeys, building a high school environment that redefines the definition of success so that students can ultimately live a balanced life. This program was started in the spring of 2014. Throughout the year, we work on the following:

Senior Legacy Videos
We film outgoing seniors who share wisdom gained over their years at LGHS. YouTube videos and Senior Legacy videos can be seen here.

We organize an annual TEDx event. Check out the website here for more information.

Advisor: Mariana Cozzella

Student Staff

Seniors: Casey Kamali, Eddy Byun, Alis Patterson, Elizabeth Duvall, Emerson Martin,  Tommy Chambers

Juniors:  Shreya Desai, Lexi Kupor, Rachelle DeSantis, Lilly Schirmer, Kam Ostrum, Anjali Vaidya

Sophomores:  Sophie Sullivan, Sonali Muthukrishnan