Elective Courses

Los Gatos High School offers a wide range of elective courses in the Applied Arts, Visual and Performing Arts, as well as additional electives that fall under other academic subject areas.  View our full list of Elective Options to find a class that interests you.

Please review the Course Sequence Charts to learn about the prerequisites for all courses. You will also want to review the Course Descriptions to learn more about the classes offered.

-All students are required to take one year of either a World Language OR a Visual/Performing Art in order to graduate. 
-To be eligible for a four-year college students are required to take two years of a World Language AND one year of a Visual/Performing Art.  

-All students are required to take an Applied Art in order to graduate.

Applied Arts & Visual/Performing Arts Electives Information:
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Electives (video) 
Overview of arts electives at LGHS.

3D Design
Overview of class with an example of a project.

Metals Manufacturing (video)
Overview of metals shop and insights from the teacher.

Academic Electives Information:
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Advanced Science Research (video)
If interested in the Advanced Science Research (ASR) class, please complete the ASR Application.