Volunteers and Donations

Here are the instructions for Grad Night, the night of the event: 

Parent Volunteer Instructions

Chair:  Megan Hedayati
Email: hedayati4@gmail.com

Grad Night is not possible without the help and donations of all parents.  To make this a very special night for our graduating Seniors, we ask that each family volunteer at least 10 hours.  There are three phases for volunteering for Grad Night.

1.   Committee involvement: Choose a committee and be involved in the pre-work week activities. Each committee has tasks to complete prior to work week.  Click on Steering Committee on the left to sign up on a committee and help with pre-work week activities. 

2.   Work Week: June 2 – June 9

We have one week of limited access to the Grad Night area to organize, build and decorate for the Grad Night. Please sign-up below for shifts for different areas, facilities, decoration, memories (museum and grad bags, kisses), outdoor activities, indoor activities, food.

3.   GRAD NIGHT:  Jun 9 (night)

We need ALL parents to volunteer for the night shifts. Volunteers will make sure that the Seniors have a fantastic night celebrating and staying safe. Areas to volunteer for Grad Night are:  Admissions/Volunteers/Security, First Aid, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Food & Senior Museum. Sign-up below to volunteer for a specific area on Grad Night.

Click below to volunteer for work week and Grad Night shifts:

Senior Memories Volunteers
Admissions/Volunteers/Security Volunteers
Outdoor Activities Volunteers
Indoor Activities Volunteers
Decorations Volunteers
First Aid Volunteers
Food Volunteers
Facilities Volunteers

Make A Monetary Donation

For more information or to express interest in volunteering, please contact Megan Hedayati