Volunteers and Donations

Chair:  Megan Hedayati
Email: hedayati4@gmail.com

Grad Night is not possible without the help and donations of all parents.  To make this a very special night for our graduating Seniors, we ask that each family volunteer at least 10 hours.  There are three phases for volunteering for Grad Night.

1.   Committee involvement: Choose a committee and be involved in the pre-work week activities. Each committee has tasks to complete prior to work week.  Click on Steering Committee on the left to sign up on a committee and help with pre-work week activities. 

2.   Work Week: June 2 – June 9

We have one week of limited access to the Grad Night area to organize, build and decorate for the Grad Night. Please sign-up below for shifts for different areas, facilities, decoration, memories (museum and grad bags, kisses), outdoor activities, indoor activities, food.

3.   GRAD NIGHT:  Jun 9 (night)

We need ALL parents to volunteer for the night shifts. Volunteers will make sure that the Seniors have a fantastic night celebrating and staying safe. Areas to volunteer for Grad Night are:  Admissions/Volunteers/Security, First Aid, Indoor Activities, Outdoor Activities, Food & Senior Museum. Sign-up below to volunteer for a specific area on Grad Night.

Click below to volunteer for work week and Grad Night shifts:

Senior Memories Volunteers
Admissions/Volunteers/Security Volunteers
Outdoor Activities Volunteers
Indoor Activities Volunteers
Decorations Volunteers
First Aid Volunteers
Food Volunteers
Facilities Volunteers

Donate items for Grad Night  

We're asking that all parents that are working shifts at Grad Night wear aprons. We will provide a plain black apron but click here if you'd like to order a commemorative apron or make a monetary donation. 

For more information or to express interest in volunteering, please contact Megan Hedayati