Kiss A Senior Goodbye Notes


Kristi Ballou
Rita Kelly

What is “Kiss A Senior Goodbye” (KASG) note?

It’s a wonderful way for you and others to reach out and tell your Senior goodbye. They are little note cards which can be purchased for 50 cents each. They are then personalized by the buyer with special wishes and returned back to us so we can include them in the Graduation bags. Buy them for anyone that has touched your Senior’s life over the years - friends, extended family, neighbors, teachers, babysitters, teammates, coaches, club members, other parents; you get the idea.  Buy notes early to send to relatives and friends far away.  Handwritten notes from loved ones out of the area can mean so much to the Seniors.  Make sure you include a stamped return envelope for them to use.  You might also consider having them send you an email and you can cut and paste the message onto a note. Immediately following the last graduation practice, the Seniors will receive these notes along with a packet of Hershey’s Kisses and their Grad Night t-shirts.

How do you buy the Kiss Cards?

  • At all future Grad Night Meetings
  • With your online registration
  • During school hours in the textbook office beginning January 30th
  • Directly from Kristi or Rita  
How do I return the completed Kiss Cards?

Notes may be returned March 1  - June 1.  In addition to a box in the Main Office
, there will be other locations for you to drop off your notes.