About Us

Welcome to Los Gatos High School! It is a privilege to serve such wonderful students and witness four years of their growth in the lovely setting we share. Part of our school’s beauty lies not only in the attractiveness of our campus but more importantly in our offering many opportunities for students to become engaged—including a wide variety of classes, extracurricular activities, clubs, performing arts, and athletics programs.

My sincere belief is that there is something for everyone at LGHS. We encourage all students to become involved in the school community—even exploring something we offer that they may not have tried before. As principal, my passion lies in creating meaningful educational experiences for students and in encouraging them to find something positive at school that inspires them, that connects them to the world around them, that makes them feel purposeful.

It is an exciting time of growth at LGHS. Our student body is growing, our faculty is growing, and our facilities and fields are likewise transforming and expanding. Thank you to our amazing community for supporting Measure E—as we are fortunate to support our school growth by providing enhancements on campus because of you. We are looking forward in the coming months and years to upgrading our fields and classrooms—and constructing a new classroom building as well as a new music building. We appreciate everyone’s patience and continued support as we undergo this important work.

Guiding us in our educational mission each day at LGHS are the following district goals:

  • To provide relevant and engaging learning experiences that emphasize critical thinking, creativity, communication, and collaboration
  • To promote student wellness, balance, and belonging
  • To enhance a culture of collaboration and innovation

With these aims in mind, I truly believe that “together we are better”—and am grateful to be surrounded by a community that cares about kids, their engagement, their healthy development, and their well-being. Thank you, again, for the teamwork and support.

Go, Wildcats!

Kristi Grasty